Information for Grantees

Funding and Reporting Parameters

The funding period for USC Good Neighbors grants is one year, from July 1 through June 30, with awards disbursed in two payments. Checks are made payable to the community partner or appropriate fiscal sponsor.

Interim and final performance reports are required of all grantees. The interim report must be submitted by the due date before the second disbursement is issued, and funds will be withheld if the interim report is unsatisfactory. The final report is due 10 days after the grant period ends. Continuing programs must submit the prior year’s final report before new project funding is advanced. Likewise, signature programs receiving ongoing funding commitments also must submit interim and final reports before funding is advanced.

The USC Good Neighbors grant review committee reserves the right, with proper notification of the grantee, to audit books, visit program site(s) and/or observe program activities outlined in the proposal.

USC Good Neighbors grant funds may not be used to cover stipends/wages for university faculty or staff. Funds may be used to pay stipends/wages for USC students. Grant funds also may be used to pay stipends/wages or consulting fees for community partners, not to exceed 50 percent of the total project budget.

USC Good Neighbors grant-funded programs are eligible for renewal on a competitive basis. Funding of prior awards is not guaranteed.

Good Neighbors Information “Office Hours” by appointment only, at the USC Community House, through February 17.